Cheap car insurance provider warns against distracted parents

One discount car insurance provider has recently issued a warning to motorists to be on the look out for distracted parents as the half term break approaches, as this traditionally means that families going for visits and days out will soon be flooding the nation’s motorways.

One out of every ten parents have admitted that they can become distracted due to their own offspring during car trips, said the Post Office’s motor car insurance division in a recent research study.  The insurer also found that one out of every five parents found it even more difficult to keep their attention on the road when their children are between four and seven years of age, as these younger children have the highest likelihood of causing in excess of 50 per cent of the distractions in the family vehicle.

According to the direct car insurance company, only 8 per cent of parents never succumbed to distraction by the antics of their children, with the average family having to take a break around every 90 minutes into a long journey by car.  58 per cent of parents reported children’s chatter as the main distraction, while 64 per cent reported that it was difficult to concentrate on the road ahead with their children bickering amongst themselves.

In an effort to diminish the impact of distracted driving, as they can be highly dangerous to other users of the road, the Post Office has encouraged parents to devise ways to keep their young children occupied during car trips.  50 per cent of all parents said that classic car games, such as Eye Spy, are an all time favourite, while one out of every ten parents enjoy tricking their kids into playing the ‘let’s see who can go the longest without speaking’ game.

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