Are married couples worthy of cheaper car insurance?

One survey of car insurance companies recently found that insurers seem to think that married couples are more deserving of cheaper car insurance in comparison to their single or divorced counterparts.

According to the survey, motorists who are divorced or single can expect to pay more than 25 per cent more than couples, with two out of every three providers charging married drivers considerably less expensive car insurance rates.  Price differences were found to be considerable in some cases, with one insurer charging a dissolved or divorced man 27 years of age 28 per cent more than a partnered or cohabiting driver, while others quoted premium prices that had as much as a 10 per cent price difference between them.

The research study also discovered that, when motorists were given a choice to report their marital status on an insurance policy, failing to describe it correctly could lead to finding it harder to get discount car insurance quotes.  One insurer even went a step further, reportedly raising premium prices by £2 for any motorist who elected to not disclose their marital status.

The majority of the insurers found to differentiate premium prices based on marital status claimed that their claims experience justified the action. However, when pressed they all declined to divulge any specific claims figures.

One industry expert remarked that he was surprised to see marital status having such an affect on what drivers pay.  The expert added that he had no explanation for the figures, though he went on to say that the insurers aren’t willing to give a detailed explanation either, which makes it even more important to look around for the best deal and give quote forms more than just a cursory glance as you fill them in.


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