New driving offence draws comment from car insurance companies

Recent plans for the introduction of a new criminal offence that would create access to justice of road accidents due to dangerous driving by providing up to 5 years of jail time for perpetrators has drawn comments from car insurance companies.

Under current laws, motorists who are responsible for inflicting serious injuries through reckless and irresponsible driving might only find themselves charged with a maximum jail sentence of two years for ‘dangerous’ driving, or a disqualification and fine for those charged with ‘careless’ driving.

However, new laws will be much more strict, and providers of discount car insurance quotes have had plenty to say about it.  One car insurance comparison site spokesperson remarked that the possibility of this new offence is quite timely, as Road Safety Week is rapidly approaching this November.

Road Safety Week, sponsored by Brake, a road safety charity, will have a focus on how Brits can be more safe on UK roadways.  The spokesperson also said that drivers are encouraged to ensure they possess the right amount of insurance cover to protect both themselves and their passengers if they have the bad luck to be involved in an accident.

More than 2,000 motorists faced convictions for dangerous driving last year, with nearly 200 of them standing accused of causing a fatality due to their driving.  The Government is hoping that the new offence will bridge the gap that currently stands between a death offence and a charge of dangerous driving.

Brake welcomed the move, as the charity supports the bereaved families of victims of road incidents and crashes.  It has requested that the penalty for those found guilty of causing severe injury by way of driving dangerously to a maximum of 14 years, which would be comparable to death by dangerous driving.


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