Car insurance rate drop ‘irrelevant,’ experts say

A car insurance rate drop is £2 is truly ‘irrelevant’ to the majority of UK motorists, one car insurance comparison site recently said.

Scott Kelly, the discount car insurance comparison website’s head of motor insurance, remarked that the fact that the AA reported an 0.3 per cent decline in average premium prices to £921 from £923 truly makes not one bit of difference to the lion’s share of the country’s drivers.  The likelihood of the price drop over the past three months, as indicated by the most recent Insurance Premium Index from the AA, to be relevant for motorists facing insurance policy renewals over the next few weeks is slim to none, Mr Kelly said, though he did say the marginal premium price drop was ‘welcome news.’

Any motorists who renews their policy in the immediate future will most likely see increases in the double digits since they took out the car cover 12 months ago, the motor car insurance head remarked.  This means that any motorists who have the expectation that they will see their premium prices decline or even remain stable are almost certainly going to be quite disappointed.

Mr Kelly did go on to say that large savings can still be made if motorists are willing to shop around for the best deals by using a car insurance comparison site, as these sites will enable you to find a multitude of quotes from different insurers all in one place.  However, industry experts warn that some insurance providers do not partner with any comparison sites, which means to get a truly comprehensive look at all your options, you’ll need to do a bit more research by ringing up individual insurers or checking their websites for the information you need.

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