Solicitor charged in motor car insurance claim scam

One Newcastle solicitor, along with four others, has been charged with participating in a motor car insurance claim scam.

33 year old solicitor, Kashif Khan, his 28 year old wife Asha, 68 year old relative Boston Mohammed Khan, appeared alongside 27 year old Kelly Gilchrist and 45 year old David Paul Moat on charges of conspiracy to drive up car insurance rates by defrauding car insurance companies.  Mr Khan stands accused of attempting to pervert the cause of justice, and additionally of making dishonest representations in two insurance proposals to make personal gains.

The Newcastle solicitor is also facing charges of making false statements in both an insurance policy and an insurance proposal.  His wife Asha stands with him in being charged with conspiring to pervert the cause of justice.

Family relative Boston Khan is facing four counts of neglecting to disclose information to his insurer with intent to make personal gain and one count of perverting the course of justice.  Mr Moat and Ms Gilchrist share the conspiracy charges as well.

All five defendants were informed by Gerald Chalk, Chair of the Bench, that they were being sent to the Crown Court due to the fact that they all face allegations of conspiracy.  None of the defendants entered pleas, but they were all granted bail unconditionally in order to appear on 7 November at Carlisle Crown Court, with Kashif Khan also appearing on 28 November at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court in order to allow the less serious offences he faces to be committed to crown court as well.

The five defendants have declined to take the opportunity to comment to the media regarding the charges.

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