Pass Plus ‘not worth it,’ say car insurance groups

The Pass Plus course is apparently ‘not worth’ taking by newly qualified motorists, according to car insurance groups, because taking the course does not result in premium prices that would result in discount car insurance for young drivers.

Car insurance companies and road safety groups alike have called upon the Government to take steps towards improving the additional training measures available to young motorists after they pass their driving tests. Approximately 1.5 million new motorists enroll in the ‘Pass Plus’ programme on a yearly basis, yet research has shown that the scheme has no effect on car accident rates and insurers are not dropping car insurance rates for drivers who do take Pass Plus.

A six hour course that touches on subjects such as driving in bad weather conditions and motorway and rural driving, Pass Plus can cost as little as £80 and as much as £150, depending on who is teaching the course.  In lieu of an exam, each student must demonstrate meeting ‘satisfactory’ standards in every area of study in order to pass.

Some road safety organisations have even gone as far as to call for a blanket ban on younger motorists driving after a certain time of day.  According to a recent University of Cardiff research study, a graduated driver licensing system should be implemented, meaning that newly qualified motorists should not be allowed to drive at night, carry any passengers their own age, or imbibe any alcoholic beverages at all.

Road safety charity, Brake, has asked the government to adopt a trial run of a graduated licence that is currently in effect in other countries, such as New Zealand and the United States.  Under the proposed scheme, young motorists need at least one year’s worth of training before they would be permitted to take a test before moving on to being provisionally licensed with limitations on how many passengers they are permitted to carry and where and when they are allowed to drive, with a final test occurring a full two years later in order to earn a full licence.

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