Deer cause 74k motor car insurance claims annually, figures say

According to newly released research findings, deer are thought to be behind as many as 74,000 motor car insurance claims on a yearly basis.

A coalition of charities and government agencies that have come together to control the UK deer population called the Deer Initiative, recently released its research results alongside a number of reasons why deer end up causing traffic collisions that cause grief for the country’s car insurance companies and policyholders alike.  Deer-related accidents occur year round, said the Initiative, but the highest number of these collisions occur during the months of October and November for a pair of reasons – one being the shorter days, which leads to more vehicle traffic during the twilight hours at dawn and dusk that coincide with peak deer activity, and the other reason being autumn is the deer mating season, with male deer fighting other bucks for dominance and chasing does for procreation.

Deer Initiative director, Peter Watson, told the BBC in a recent interview that you’ve got the unfortunate situation where there are deer rushing about with nothing on their minds but continuing the species. This means that there is little warning to be had before one, or even several, deer, go bolting across a roadway, added Mr Watson, especially in wooded areas.

Red deer are large creatures, said the director, weighing as much as 200 lbs, which can result in quite a bit of damage if they end up colliding with a motorist’s vehicle.  As if the situation weren’t bad enough, the deer population for the UK in increased by more than double over the past decade, leading the Deer Initiative to quote a current population figure of about two million, which has not been seen in the UK since the days of the Norman Conquest.

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