Beware drug driving, car insurance companies warn

While most motorists know how dangerous it can be to get behind the wheel after you’ve had a few pints, car insurance companies warn that drug driving is just as dangerous – if not more so.

Just as drink driving is an offence, so is drug driving – and in fact is part of the same law.  Motorists found to have drugs within their system are quite likely to face a drug driving conviction, and motor car insurance companies warn that even though police may not have the tools to identify drug driving as easily as drink driving, as breathalysers only measure blood alcohol content, they are trained to look for several tell-tale signs that could indicate driving under the influence of drugs.

Many drugs change the way motorists’ eyes behave, and the police know to check a motorist’s eyes for such indications that they have been partaking of illegal substances.  Cocaine and ecstasy can result in enlarged pupils, whilst cannabis has been proven to turn eyes bloodshot.

Likewise, the coordination of drug users can deteriorate while using, and police employ techniques known collectively as field impairment assessments which are routinely used at the roadside by trained police personnel to check and observe coordination and balance.  When a police officer suspects a motorist may be under the influence of drugs, they can then arrest the individual in order for a blood test to be performed on the suspect by a medical professional.

The consequences for being caught whilst drug driving can be quite severe.  Such results of the activity can include a driving ban of twelve months at a minimum, up to £5,000 in fines, and a criminal record.

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