Superminis may not be the path to discount car insurance after all

Many car insurance companies will offer attractive premium prices to drivers with superminis, but due to new information revealing how some of these types of cars are easily stolen, a certain number of new superminis may not be the path to discount car insurance after all.

Consumer watchdog Which? discovered that three superminis – the Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107, and Citroen C1, are much too easily stolen.  The Which? research poll measured the features of these cars that could help to prevent a theft, discovering that, out of a total of 100 points, these three could only muster 14 each – something that motor car insurance providers can’t be happy about.

The issue with all three of the cars is that not only are they all constructed in the same factory, but they all have key design similarities.  The research report found it exceedingly easy to gain access to all three vehicles, claiming to take just three seconds to break into each of them without causing any sort of damage to the cars due to the primitive nature of the security measures.

Other cars, such as the Kia Cerato,  were quite easy to break into as well, taking only three seconds to gain access to.  However, larger cars were not immune to ease of entry, as the Vauxhall Zafira lasted only 18 seconds before giving up the ghost, the survey said.

Car thieves are becoming more and more professional, said the research report, yet car manufacturers are lagging behind in implementing security measures in new vehicles.  It is still nearly effortlessly easy for criminals to gain access to the vehicle in order to make off with it – or  barring that – with expensive components such as sat navs.

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