40% of motor car insurance owners flouting the law

Nearly four out of every ten motor car insurance owners have admitted to flouting the law in order to check their mobiles whilst behind the wheel, a survey recently revealed.

As if these motorists’ car insurance companies didn’t have enough reason to be cross with them, an eye-watering 27 per cent were found to have logged on to Facebook instead of keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.  Meanwhile, a good 15 per cent will capitalise on traffic jams to send emails and texts, while more than one out of every five decide to ring up their mates while waiting at red lights.

The recent poll, which was carried out by a car insurance comparison website, interviewed 2,000 drivers, discovering that one out of every five said they would check their mobiles at least once every quarter of an hour. However, three out of every four respondents admitted to knowing that they could be penalised for using a mobile while operating their vehicle.

One industry expert commented on the results of the survey, stating that it was obvious motorists are struggling to tear their mobiles away from their ears behind the wheel, despite the incredibly dangerous nature of doing so.  Meanwhile, according to a related AA poll, 15 per cent of those between the ages of 18 to 24 said they felt no confidence in their ability to pass a resit test.

AA spokesman, Edmund King, called the results ‘worrying,’ especially in light of how it really couldn’t be that long since these motorists had taken their test.

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