White cars less likely to bring motor car insurance claims

Newly revealed research conducted by the Royal Automobile Club Foundation indicates that vehicle colour can have an effect on traffic collision statistics, with drivers of white cars being less likely to bring a motor car insurance accident claim.

The research survey recently revealed that the safest colour for a car was white, as vehicles painted in such a manner were least likely to be involved in an accident.  Other relatively safe car colours were found to be beige, yellow, and cream.

Vehicles painted both silver and black were found to have higher accident rates, as both colours were found to have  10 per cent and 12 per cent higher risks respectively.  Meanwhile, cars that were painted a colour that left them in low contrast to roadways – such as silver, red, green, grey, blue, and black, had a much higher likelihood to be invovled in crashes when compared with cars painted white, while using headlights while traveling at night seemed to have a minimising affect on the colour of a particular car’s paint job.

Industry experts have said that car insurance rates may end up increasing in the UK, as the most popular colours for cars are those that have the most risk.  One expert commented on the study by stating that the ‘white van man’ seems to have inadvertently stumbled upon a good thing, as vehicles painted white had the least crash risk in both daytime and night driving conditions.

With the European Court of Justice banning the practice of using gender differences as a basis for premium prices, many insurers may decide to use this new information to institute rate hikes for those customers driving cars with high risk paint jobs.

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