Motor car insurance provider launches new family policy

One provider of discount car insurance in the UK has recently announced the launch of a new motor car insurance policy designed for families living under the same roof with as many as five vehicles.

UK insurer Aviva launched its new MultiCar policy, with cover specifically tailored for families living at the same address that have several cars or vans.  The new cover will be available both from select car insurance brokers working with Aviva or directly from the insurer itself.

In addition to those who live under the same roof year round, Aviva will extend the cover to student car owners who are away from home during their school term.  The new MultiCar cover will also be applicable to partnerships or small businesses that have all their vehicles registered at an identical business address as well, Aviva added.

Aviva’s new policy offers discounts for every additional vehicle while at the same time providing one single set of policy documents and renewal date.  Aviva also said that each car or van on the policy could have its own unique excess, and that the no claims discount of each motorist covered under the policy will be kept separate.

Aviva retail director, Steve Treloar, said that the new cover was developed to meet the specific needs of homes with more than one vehicle, as nearly one out of every two UK households has at least two cars.  Mr Treloar also said that small businesses can avail themselves of the policy as well, as drivers can add as many as five vehicles to the cover, including vans, while tradesmen who use their personal car on the weekends but use their van during the work week can cover both of their cars with the same policy.

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