Check car insurance groups on new cars too, experts say

Cheap car insurance experts have recently said that you can save money on your insurance premiums by selecting a new car in one of the lower car insurance groups, much in the same way that doing so with a used car can lead to less expensive cover as well.

Car insurance groups in the UK number between 1 and 50, car insurance comparison experts say, and according to how expensive it is for car insurance companies to repair, a car is assigned a group.  This means that finding a car in the lowest numbered group can do wonders for your overall insurance costs.

Insurers also have an interest in knowing exactly how hard it is for a given car to be stolen.  Cars fitted with alarms, tracking devices, or immobilisiers lower the likelihood of one of these cars being stolen, and cars that have been manufactured more recently are quite likely to have at least one of those devices fitted.

One comparison site recently conducted research on which new cars are the least painful to insure, finding four in particular that offer reasonable premium prices.  The four selected by the comparison site all reside within car insurance group 1, meaning that all four are relatively inexpensive to insure.

In no particular order, these four cars were found to be the Fiat Panda, the Chevrolet Spark, the Volkswagen Fox, and the Vauxhall Corsa One. Using an example of a fictitious Ipswich man 30 years of age, all four were found to cost less than £215 a year for insurance.

In addition to the car insurance group these four cars share, all of these vehicles qualify for lower road tax, which can result in even more savings to beleaguered UK motorists already hard-pressed to keep their cars on the road.

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