Car insurance comparison site examines green vehicles

As more and more drivers turn to green cars due to concerns about climate change, one car insurance comparison site recently examined several green vehicles, discovering that motorists can save money along with saving the environment.

Cheap car insurance comparison site conducted an investigation into green vehicles, which emit less carbon dioxide, cost less in car tax, and use less fuel than more traditional vehicles, discovering that some vehicles are more green than others.  Two relatively efficient cars were the Ferrari California and the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, as the motor car insurance comparison site found, as both only emit 299g and 270g of carbon dioxide per kilometre into the atmosphere.

However, motorists need to keep in mind that, according to UK fuel efficiency standards, a vehicle cannot be classified as green unless it emits no more than 140g of carbon dioxide  per km.  There is a wide variety of green cars that meet these standards, such as hybrid cars that feature not only a traditional internal combustion engine but also an electric motor in order to reduce emissions, or completely electric vehicles – cars that have zero emissions due to their lack of an engine that runs on petrol – or even new, experimental technology using hydrogen fuel cells to power vehicles.

Green vehicle owners aren’t just helping to save the planet, said, but are paying less on their cars in general as well.  With reduced emissions comes lower vehicle tax rates, as any car that has 121g per km in emissions costs only £30 a year in vehicle tax, and any cars that emit less than 101g per km have no tax associated with them at all.

Owners of green cars can also safe some cash by shopping around on their insurance, as some providers offer carbon off-set discounts Green car owners can also save money on their car insurance by shopping around. Some insurers offer carbon off-setting elements to their policies that can be researched when obtaining car insurance quotes.

Tackling the rising fuel prices is another way in which green car drivers save money; electric cars cost nothing in fuel and though they still cost money to charge won’t cost as much money as a combustion car. Hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius save drivers money on fuel as the batteries they use are charged by the heat from braking, meaning that they can get far more miles out of a gallon of petrol than most normal cars. Other models are simply designed to be as fuel efficient as possible and as such can save a few pennies at the pumps.

Finally, any drivers who regularly visit London in their green cars will be pleasantly surprised when it comes to the congestion charge. There is a 100% discount for all cars which produce less than 100g/km of carbon dioxide and electric/hybrid cars.

A spokesperson for popular car insurance comparison site commented, “Driving a green car does present drivers with the opportunity to make savings on motoring. Currently there are only a few truly green models available on the UK market, but as the price of technology comes down they are certain to become more widely available. Many insurers are offering good deals to greener car owners and using sites like to shop around for the best car insurance quotes can give drivers a better idea of what is on offer.”

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