October is Tyre Safety Month, say car insurance companies

In an annual campaign designed to promote the importance of the proper tyre pressure and thread, car insurance companies and safety charities alike have declared October to be Tyre Safety Month.

Motor car insurance customers who are caught out driving cars with tyres that are worn can end up with quite serious fines, discount car insurance providers warn.  Under the law, if even one tyre is found to not meet the legal tread depth requirement, the motorist could be given 3 penalty points on their licence and slapped with a fine of £2,500.

The troubles don’t end there for motorists found to be driving with illegal tyres.  If you’re involved in an accident, your insurer may decide not to extend cover to you if they decide your bald tyres were the cause of the accident, and this could lead to even more problems in the future when your car insurance rates increase due to an accident.

Many Brits claim to be completely in the dark when it comes to car maintenance, yet the relative ease of checking your tyres will shock even the most clueless driver.  It’s important to run regular basic checks on your car, or barring doing them yourself, having a professional look your vehicle over, according to TyreSafe, one of the leading tyre safety organisations in the UK.

TyreSafe recently shared some tips for motorists to keep their tyres in good shape.  The safety organisation says that drivers need to make sure their tyres are properly inflated, ensuring that you check them on at least a monthly basis and before setting off on a long journey by car.

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