Compare car insurance quotes with your auto-renewal

Experts say that you should compare car insurance quotes from competing insurers once you receive your auto-renewal notice in the mail.

Some drivers can easily decide to switch car insurance companies because they can get better car insurance rates from a competing insurer.  A percentage of motorists may not be too keen to discover that their current insurer has been charging them more than their competitors, but these consumers need to realise that there are few reasons to be loyal to an insurer outside of a no-claims bonus – and even those can sometimes be preserved when you switch providers.

You can’t just blindly decide on your new insurer because they have the flashiest television adverts, experts warn.  The only way to truly find the best option for you is to do it the hard way, and that means comparing discount car insurance quotes from several different providers.

The car insurance market is a highly competitive one in that insurers spend millions of pounds annually on advertising campaigns.  Additionally, insurance websites ensure that consumers can compare providers and quotes in the comfort of their own home, which means you no longer have to go down to your nearest broker or even spend the afternoon on the phone any more, allowing people to select the best policy for them by comparing each one against their existing renewal policy, leading consumers to being able to make an informed choice as whether they should switch providers or not.

Some motorists may be hesitant to drop their insurer for a different one, and others may be champing at the bit to bin their current provider to get one that they feel will value them more as a customer.  Whatever you decide, make sure you’re getting the best deal for you without compromising cover.

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