Thatcham researching ways to provide discount car insurance

One research centre has recently said that it will be investing in vehicle-based research methods with an eye to providing discount car insurance in the future through reduced motor car insurance claims costs.

Funded by UK car insurance companies, Thatcham will be undertaking research and development of new technology, such as autonomous emergency braking systems, and will be investing in updated facilities with an eye towards gaining full accreditation with the Euro NCAP.  The research centre will also be introducing an online portal where repair body shops, vehicle manufacturers, and insurers can all exchange vehicle data amongst themselves.

Thatcham has also announced the appointment of a new strategy and development director, Neale Phillips, whose primary responsibility will be to oversee these changes.  Thatcham chief executive, Peter Shaw, commented on the new changes, stating that the research center is placed in an ideal position to guide standards and also to influence the expedited roll out of these new technologies, as it has done in the past with security systems, car seats, bumpers, and electronic stability control.

Thatcham has worked in close concert with its research sector counterparts internationally, said Mr Shaw.  The research centre’s chief executive added that the sector can now see a significant reduction in the frequency in accident damage from the deployment of AEB, a fact which could lead to serious potential to drivers and car insurance companies alike.

The idea is that if the technology can aid in avoiding traffic accidents from occurring in the first place, incidents involving both vehicle damage and bodily injury can be reduced dramatically, according to Mr Shaw.

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