Car insurance companies penalising drivers with winter tyres

With some car insurance companies actually penalising their customers for fitting their cars with winter tyres, one motor car insurance provider has come out against the practice.

The AA’s discount car insurance division stated that car insurance rates shouldn’t be adjusted upwards for motorists who are taking responsible steps to be safe this coming winter by fitting their cars with the specialised tyres. Winter tyres are especially designed to improve cornering, braking, and traction on icy and wet roadways.

This past winter, a number of insurance providers considered cars fitted with winter tyres as ‘modified,’ which led them to charge higher premium prices.  In some instances, a select number of insurers refused to provide cover for some motorists altogether.

However, AA Insurance director, Simon Douglas, noted that it was a ‘misunderstanding’ regarding how the specialised tyres actually work.  It would be the height of incredulity for insurers to penalise drivers for fitting their cars with winter tyres, said Mr Douglas,  as motorists who do so not only demonstrate their responsibility in being as safe as possible but also highlight the fact that they are attempting to reduce the likelihood of an accident this coming winter.

The insurance provider’s director said that customers should not even need to notify their insurers that they have fitted the winter tyres to their car, provided that they meet the specification of the car manufacturer and they are fitted professionally.  Mr Douglas added that it would be worth checking with an insurer first if your motor insurance is due for renewal, as it would be easy to move to another provider if your current one is unhappy about winter tyres being fitted to your vehicle.

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