Consumer Council issues last call for harried Lisburn drivers

With the Office of Fair Trading’s evidence submission deadline for its investigation of car insurance companies looming ever closer, the Consumer Council urges Lisburn drivers to sign its motor car insurance costs petition.

Council figures reveal that Lisburn rounds out the 10 worst cities in the UK in regards for a lack of discount car insurance.  As a result, the Council wishes to gather as much support as possible for lower car insurance rates by urging Lisburn residents to sign the petition.

The Consumer Council’s chief executive, Antoinette McKeown, remarked that since the council launched its campaign in late August, it has had an overwhelming response of more than 4,000 signatures on its petition.  The Council has also heard some extraordinarily unbelievable stories related to it by consumers, with both younger motorists and their families recounting how hard it is to secure affordable insurance cover, added Ms McKeown.

The Consumer Council chief executive recounted the details of one case, where one motorist was given a rate quote that was ten times higher than their car’s value.  Ms McKeown expressed the hope that the more stories the Consumer Council gathers along with each signature will strengthen its case, so she urged all motorists residing in Lisburn to sign the petition immediately.

The Consumer Council is presenting its petition and its gathered comments to the OFT on October 12.  The OFT’s investigation, which is specifically focusing on insurance rates in Northern Ireland, was precipitated by the Consumer Council’s formal request two months ago to examine the issue, with the hopes that the OFT will be able to come to the conclusion that insurers have been unfairly ratcheting rates up in NI.

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