90% of discount car insurance owners break speed limit

9 out of every 10 UK motorists recently admitted to breaking the speed limit while behind the wheel, according to a survey recently conducted by a discount car insurance provider.

Motor car insurance provider Autocar discovered that only 3.5 per cent of survey respondents said they had they had never exceeded the 70 mile per hour maximum speed limit while driving on a UK motorway.  Meanwhile, an overwhelming 94.6 per cent stated that they had knowingly exceeded the limit at one point or another, while a worrying 6.1 per cent of motorists who responded to the research survey made the admission of driving as fast as 90 miles per hour on the motorway on a regular basis.

With the overwhelming number of Brits seem to have heavy feet on the accelerator pedals, recent news that a public consultation on raising the speed limit on dual carriageways and motorways to 80 miles per hour will soon be launched by transport secretary, Philip Hammond, seems especially timely. The case for raising the speed limit to this new figure seems quite strong after examining the Autocar survey results, industry experts from car insurance companies say.

The recent research study also examined how amenable the public would be to increasing the speed limit, resulting in 2 out of every five respondents indicating that the speed limit being raised would meet with their approbation. ┬áInsurance industry experts remarked that, in light of the survey’s results, the decision of the transport secretary to examine the possibility of raising motorway speed limits will doubtless be a popular one among the nation’s motorists.

If government officials decide to move forward on increasing the speed limit to a maximum of 80 miles per hour, the likelihood of the raised speed limit coming into force before 2012-2013 is most likely quite low.

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