Uninsured driving figures called ‘shocking’ by experts

Motor car insurance experts have called figures on uninsured driving recently released from official sources as ‘shocking’ in their scope and scale.

According to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, an amazing one out of three Brits may be deciding not to buy even discount car insurance with their car.  An approximate 1.4 million drivers are currently behind the wheel and lacking insurance, said the MIB, and these uninsured drivers cause 23,000 casualties and 160 fatalities every year in the UK, leading to car insurance companies to suffer £500 million in annual losses, which adds £30 on average to honest drivers’ premiums.

Furthermore, the MIB has released the worst areas in the country in regards to those who choose to drive without proper insurance.  Many parts of Yorkshire were included in the list, as well as areas of Essex and Manchester and Bodresley in Birmingham.

According to the law, you need to have a minimum of third party insurance cover if you wish to drive in a public place or on a road legally.   Penalties for being caught out without insurance will typically be points on your licence and a fixed penalty notice.

Luckily for those who find themselves involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, the MIB and the government have agreed to offer help.  The MIB will make compensation payments in lieu of the uninsured motorist’s insurance company in order to provide recompense to the law-abiding driver with proper insurance cover.

However, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau is directly funded by a consortium of insurance companies who have banded together to shoulder the massive burden – resulting in premium increases as costs continue to mount across the board.

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