Provide car insurance companies with plenty of details

If you’re looking for discount car insurance quotes, you should be prepared to provide car insurance companies with as many details as possible in order to allow insurers to receive a rate that is the most accurate, industry experts say.

The listing of additional details such as number of miles covered, occupation, and marital status can aid in reducing car insurance rates for drivers in low risk brackets.  More and more insurers have begun to offer no claims bonus cover according to one survey conducted by Defaqto and used to examine around 5,000 policies, which found that 17 per cent of insurance policies safeguard a motorist’s no claims bonus even in the event that they are involved with a collision, a figure that has increased by 4 percentage points over last year’s findings.

Additional research also discovered that the act of including extra details on a given policy can aid in lowering the annual premium payment in a select number of cases.  By coming forward with select information, such as where your car is kept while not in use, your marital status, or if you park your car off the street or in a garage every night, you can help insurers formulate quotes that are a true reflection of someone’s motoring habits, which can lead to reduced rates.

Insurers have also recently urged motorists to check and re-check the details of their policies before entering into an agreement in order to make sure the policy meets all their needs properly.  Something you should look for, insurers say, is to see if your car is covered if struck by an uninsured vehicle.

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