Motor car insurance excess costs too high, says Which?

According to research recently conducted by consumer campaigner Which?,  the lion’s share of consumers in the UK who have hired cars in the past say that refuelling and motor car insurance excess costs are simply too high.

The majority also said that the terms and conditions on car hire agreements are needlessly complicated, stating that these car hire firms should, when collecting a car, provide maps of local garages.  According to Which?, a full 50 per cent of consumers have felt as if they had no choice but to take out at least discount car insurance offered by hire firms.

This past July, the consumer watchdog conducted a survey of 2,618 UK consumers in regards to their experiences with car hire firms.  Out of the more than 600 drivers who have had to hire a car sometime over the last two years, a full 70 per cent said that terms and conditions were needlessly complex, while 69 per cent complained that car insurance excess was too much.

An additional 60 per cent said they would have liked a map detailing the locations of petrol stations with the car, 50 per cent said the pressure to purchase insurance was too high, and 56 per cent felt that refuelling charges were much too expensive.  Around 44 per cent of UK consumers encountered a problem with hiring a car, with the most often cited issue being that the car had been inadequately checked over for damage before being hired out.

Other oft-experienced problems were encountering unexpected fees on collections, misunderstanding the level of cover provided by the purchased insurance cover, and being given a vehicle that neglected to meet the needs of a given customer.

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