Could physical conditioning lead to cheaper car insurance?

According to a recent research study conducted by a School of Medicine, physical conditioning could lead to cheaper car insurance for the elderly due to improvements to their flexibility, movement, speed, and coordination being reflected in their car insurance rates.

The research study discovered that, after a three month period of time, older motorists who engaged in a physical conditioning programme had developed the ability to enhance or maintain their performance behind the wheel.  This could lead to not only a more independent quality of life, experts say, but to safer roads and discount car insurance quotes for older drivers.

There were two groups in the study – an intervention group, who received not just physical conditioning but were given in-home education on a monthly basis in order to review general home safety issues, such as vehicle care and fall prevention, and a control group, which only received the educational study. The results indicate that elderly motorists who took to a physical exercise regimen could easily benefit from a resultant car insurance premium price, said the project leader, remarking that the intervention not only maintained driving performance but was also a well-tolerated and safe one as well.

As more and more older drivers begin to appear on the nation’s roads, safety concerns have been raised increasingly as of late. ┬áSpeed of movement, coordination, and flexibility have all been linked with older motorists in relation to road performance, and a recent study conducted by Experian regarding the differences in behaviour between older motorists and younger ones, with more experienced drivers being much less likely to rely on brand trust and reputation than their younger counterparts when it comes to buying a new car.

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