Bad tyres could cause denied motor car insurance claims

According to industry warnings, bald or defective tyres could cause drivers to not only have their motor car insurance claims denied, but also be slapped with fees as high as £10,000.

Motorists could be subject to three penalty points on their license in addition to a £2,500 fine, according to discount car insurance providers.  Two defective tyres effectively doubles the penalties, with a total of 6 points and up to £5,000 in fines, while all four tyres found to be defective could result in an eye-watering 12 license points and £10,000 in fees.

As October is Tyre Safety Month, one car insurance comparison site’s new driver survey found that a large number of drivers may not know what it takes to keep their tyres in top condition.  The research study of 2,000 drivers discovered that 57 per cent of motorists were unaware that 1.6 millimetres was the proper tyre tread depth, 58 per cent had no idea what the correct pressure was for their particular tyres, and a whopping 87.4 per cent neglected to change out their tyres for safer ones during the winter months.

Motorists between the ages of 18 and 24 were found to be the worst when it came to knowing the proper tyre pressure for their vehicles.  What was even more startling, 1.4 per cent of respondents were totally clueless about the needs of their car tyres – not knowing they even needed to be inflated with air!

One comparison site spokesman remarked on the survey results, saying that while it may not be the most glamourous topic under the sun, tyre maintenance is key for safety on the road.  Too much or too little air in a tyre can result in excess wear, the spokesperson said, and having less than1.6 millimetres of tread will qualify the tyre as illegal, which carries with it hefty fees – and each illegal tire has a cumulative effect.

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