Make sure motor car insurance protects against the uninsured

Experts have recently said that motorists need to make doubly sure that their motor car insurance protects against any collisions that involve other drivers that lack even discount car insurance.

A new study has suggested that drivers that are hard at work looking for the best insurance cover should ensure that the car insurance companies they’re buying their cover from will provide protection in the event that they are struck by an uninsured motorist.  The research study, which was published recently by Defaqto found that 17 per cent of comprehensive car cover policies affect no claims discounts in the wake of such an incident.

The survey examined the annual insurance policy details of 5,000 users of the road, finding that this 17 per cent figure has grown by four percentage points throughout the past two years.  Despite this good news, Defaqto general insurance analyst, David Black, said that motorists need to remain vigilant by checking and then double checking their insurance policies.

Mr Black said that people need to endeavour to match what they require from insurance policies with the features and level of cover that different companies provide whilst doing their price comparison research. Mr Black also recently said that car insurance providers need to step up and be willing to take responsibility for the exorbitantly high insurance premium prices attached to policies for younger drivers, with the general insurance analyst urging insurers to cut their rates for young drivers.

In related news, a recent survey from the Institute of Advanced Motorists discovered that it can cost a first-time driver more than £12,000 to get their first car on the road.

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