Check used car for modifications, say car insurance companies

Car insurance companies have recently issued a reminder to prospective used car buyers to examine their prospective new purchase to check that no modifications have been made, as car mods can routinely result in higher car insurance rates.

If you’re the victim of car theft or if you’re in an accident, and then your insurer discovers that your vehicle has modifications that aren’t reflected in your motor car insurance policy, this may result in your insurance becoming invalidated – even if you had no idea that the car had been fitted with the modification.  This has led discount car insurance providers to urge customers to get their vehicles properly checked before committing to a purchase.

With car manufacturers offering more and more optional extras, it can sometimes be difficult to know what exactly was an add-on fitted by a manufacturer and what is a modification addd by a professional duning company or a previous owner.  Oftentimes these modifications will be tucked away out of sight under the bonnet, where a prospective buyer may not think to check, while other times less attentive buyers can overlook a more obvious mod such as alloy wheels.

When purchasing a used car, modifications are routinely billed as being an integral component of the vehicle.  However, this is not always the case, and the buyer needs to speak up and ask about any modifications if the seller is deceitful or just plain forgetful.

Prospective customers need to do an exhaustive check over the vehicle in order to look for things that appear to not be standard equipment, such as additional bodywork, alloy wheels, or exhausts, experts say.

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