Motor insurance firm finds women can cope with stress

New research from a motor car insurance company has revealed that women are perfectly capable of handling the stress of a breakdown, giving the lie to the stereotype of women having to rely on outside help.

According to the discount car insurance division of the Post Office, more and more female drivers are more than knowledgeable enough to carry out maintenance on their own cars and being less reliant on expert help.  The Post Office research findings indicate that more than half of women need no outside help in assessing their oil levels, and more than four of every ten female motorists are comfortable getting under the bonnet and topping up their anti-freeze.

Moreover, approximately 50 per cent of women will routinely check their tyre pressure, while an additional 36 per cent will have it checked by someone else regularly, actions that improve the fuel efficiency of their cars and reduce the environmental footprint of their cars as well.  Additionally,over 20 per cent of female drivers are ready to get their hands dirty to change a wheel if they suffer a flat.

Car insurance companies are likely to re-examine the rates women pay in the future, according to some industry experts.  This is because women who carry out these seemingly small maintenance tasks not only aid in keeping their cars in top shape, but will result in less breakdowns whilst motoring on their own, said the Post Office’s insurance head.

The recently completed research study showcased how female drivers are showing higher levels of awareness about their vehicles, their general safety, and how much impact a well-maintained vehicle has on the environment, said the insurance head, indicating that even if insurers took the survey results into account, many other factors, such as experience and age, can have an influence on premium prices.

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