Mobile devices causing motor car insurance accident claims

According to research from one provider of discount car insurance quotes, pedestrians armed with mobile devices are stepping out into busy traffic whilst texting, emailing, or talking into mobile devices – and thus running the hazard of being the cause of a motor car insurance accident claim.

Recent research conducted by LV= car insurance has discovered that 10 per cent of pedestrians could be crossing roads in the UK whilst using a mobile device.  This is despite also finding that one out of every three of those who actually engage in the activity admit that doing so severely impairs their ability to cross safely due to distraction.

The most distracting devices for pedestrians are mobile phones, with smartphones doubly so.  This led experts from several car insurance companies to predict that the number of distracted pedestrians will be on the rise since there are now approximately 20 million smartphone numbers in the UK after their ranks swelled by 41 per cent over the past 12 months.

In behaviour not unlike any other addict, these pedestrians that can’t bear to tear their eyes away from their mobile devices while walking about in public seem to be doing their best to text themselves into an early grave.  According to the research, some tech addicts said they were distracted that they admitted to not being aware of the direction of traffic at dangerous and congested junctions, while many other seem to just blindly trail behind other pedestrians in lieu of making their own decisions.

Three out of every four pedestrians using some sort of mobile device were found to have made an unsafe crossing, according to a recent observational study that had taken place in Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London.  One out of every eight crossings actually resulted in a cyclist or motorist to either swerve or brake suddenly in order to avoid colliding with the pedestrian.

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