Make sure you understand your motor car insurance cover

While you may be confident that you have a deep, complete understanding of your motor car insurance policies, experts say you could easily be blindsided by any number of exclusions that are buried deep within those thick piles of policy documents.

Claims managers and insurance consultants alike say that most motorists have a good grasp of the basic way car insurance companies operate.  However, there are many drivers that lack full awareness that, even when two discount car insurance quotes purport to be ‘comprehensive,’ they can differ in any number of ways.

Insurance buyers sometimes fall into some quite common traps that can end up being very expensive.  Experts say that you’ll need to get the basics right in order to avoid these pitfalls, recommending that potential insurance policy buyers need to compare each prospective policy quite carefully.

Experts say that one example of this is learning that third party, fire, and theft insurance will not result in your insurance company paying for repairs to your vehicle in the event of an accident – though if the other driver is at fault, their insurer should pay for any needed repairs.  Comprehensive cover is what provides for repairs to your vehicle resulting from accidental damage, experts say, though drivers will also want to choose an affordable total excess, which is a combination of your ‘compulsory’ excess and your ‘voluntary’ excess.

Motorists also need to keep in mind that not every comprehensive policy will offer a replacement vehicle as standard in the event that your own car is in need of repairs.  Moreover, if one is provided to you, the length of time you’re permitted access it will vary from one insurer to another.

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