Keep these things in mind when looking for discount car insurance

Experts say that, if you’re looking for a way to find discount car insurance in the UK, you’ll need to keep a few simple but very important things in mind if you want to accomplish your goals.

If you’re one of those forgetful people who habitually loses things, check your motor car insurance policy to see if key replacement is covered.  This is because modern vehicle keys are actually relatively complex, especially if your car has an immobiliser ignition lock with an accompanying matching key.

Experts also say that, when you’re shopping around for insurance from several car insurance companies, you should check to see what the windscreen damage excess is, as it is often not covered under your standard excess.  You should check the small print as well to discover how many times you can make a windscreen claim before you place your no claims bonus in jeopardy, industry insiders warn.

Drivers should also use caution in assuming that they are permitted to drive other vehicles if they have comprehensive cover, as this is not always the case.  Many factors, such as age, are taken into consideration, but many of these questions can be put to rest by simply contacting the insurer to discover if you will be covered whilst driving other cars.

Motorists need to keep in mind that even if the cover is provided, it is by its very nature usually quite limited, as it’s designed to only be used in exceptional circumstances.  This means that you should not be using it in other vehicles you have insured or owned, as oftentimes it is usually very rudimentary cover.

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