Choose the right car for discount car insurance, experts say

With car insurance rates on the rise – especially those for younger motorists – choosing the right car can be one way to secure discount car insurance, experts say.

The newest price index from Confused/Towers Watson reports that motor car insurance for a young male between the ages of 17 and 20 is now more than £4,000 for a year of cover.  The car insurance comparison site said that the cheapest car for young drivers to insure is both the Ford KA and the Ford KA2 at around £1,651.40 per year, followed closely by the Peugeot 107 at £1,994.42 for a year’s worth of cover.

Both the Daewoo Matiz and the Mini One rounded out the top five least expensive cars to insure, with annual costs of £2,258.26 and £2.268.85 respectively.  The most expensive cars on the market were also listed by the Confused/Towers Watson report, with the Honda Civic, VW Golf, Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus, and Renault Megane all costing more than £3,300 for annual insurance according to the car insurance comparison site.’s head of car insurance, Gareth Kloet, remarked that younger drivers have been telling the comparison site that the cost of cover, not the price of their first vehicle, is the largest roadblock to getting behind the wheel of their own car.  It’s well worth considering buying a certain make of vehicle in an effort to save cash on insurance, other experts say, but they also say that you shouldn’t just purchase the least expensive cover you can find as it could leave you without the level of cover that you may need in the event of an accident.

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