6% of road traffic accidents come from lane changes

According to research by Accident Exchange, in excess of 6 per cent of car crashes that lead to motor car insurance accident claims are from lane changes, causing more than £437 million in vehicle damage every year.

The leading accident management firm conducted the study by examining data from more than 50,000 accidents, discovering that the number of collisions resulting from lane changes has grown by 48 per cent over the past two years.  In the lion’s share of cases, the driver found to be ‘at fault’ by car insurance companies changed lanes without indicating, causing the collision with another vehicle, Accident Exchange reported, finding that driving with a lack of due care and attention and poor side or rear visibility as the most common causes.

The new data from the accident management company found that more than 152,000 lane change accidents may occur every year.  The costs of an average accident was around £2,800 in repairs not inclusive of the lost labour hours from dealing with insurers and garages and the financial impact on emergency services.

Last year, roads in the UK saw an estimated 2.5 million accidents occur.  Figures from the Department for Transport show that simple neglect in checking for other vehicles is the most often reported factor contributing to accidents at 38 per cent.  A lack of good visibility from door pillars can add to this difficulty, the Department for Transport said.

In the lion’s share of incidents, the driver found to be at fault moved from the right lane to the left lane, striking the innocent motorist’s car on the driver’s side.

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