Changes in circumstances need to be reported, expert says

One discount car insurance expert recently warned drivers that any changes to circumstances that occur during the term of your insurance policy need to be reported to your insurer – or you could be risking the invalidation of your motor car insurance.

An expert from, a leading car insurance comparison website, said that no matter how small they may be, all changes need to be communicated to your insurance provider, as neglecting to do so could mean being stuck with a weighty bill in the event of a car accident claim.  Changes to circumstances can be as simple as parking the car in a different location than originally stated, moving to a new address, or modifying the vehicle directly, the expert said.

Drivers also need to make sure that their car is being used exactly as they declared it to be.  If a motorists has said their car is to be used for only ‘social and commuting’ motoring, but then decides to use it for work, neglecting to declare this change could have dire consequences.

Car modifications are one of the most common occurrences that could lead to invalidated insurance if not reported in a timely manner.  Even aesthetic modifications need to be reported, which can be grounds for invalidation as much as doing some work under the bonnet to improve vehicle performance can lead to being in hot water with your insurer, experts say.

If found to have not reported modifications, a driver could end up having to pay out of pocket for any repairs needed if their car is involved in any sort of accident.  This can also make it more difficult to secure car cover in the future if your insurer drops you for not declaring changes in circumstances.


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