Car insurance companies promote safe driving with black boxes

Car insurance companies have been promoting safe driving through the use of so-called ‘black boxes,’ telematics devices that can lead to discount car insurance for young drivers by awarding safe motoring with reduced premium prices.

Car insurance rates for younger motorists have been extremely high as of late, with across-the-board premium hikes having a deleterious effect on the ability of young drivers to cope with the cost of keeping a car.  However, insurers using black boxes have been able to slash the rates on young drivers with the telematics cover as long as they can demonstrate a history of safe and responsible driving.

Many insurers are offering the black box service, such as The Co-operative’s Smartbox-equipped Young Driver Insurance and Young Marmalade’s Intelligent Marmalade.  Both services are acting under the assumption that policyholders can secure less expensive car cover by proving their driving behaviour from cars fitted with the black boxes.

Even more advanced is MyKey from Ford, an innovative device that gives parents the ability to limit their young driver’s on-the-road abilities, such as maximum speed and radio volume levels.  The device also allows programming wherein an audible tone can be played once reaching a certain speed, provides for a customisable low petrol warning, and can even be programmed to encourage the use of seat-belts.

The parents of teen drivers found the device’s abilities appealing, with a survey reporting that 63 per cent appreciated the ability to limit audio volume, 72 per cent expressed their approval of the ability to activate a seat-belt reminder, and 75 per cent liked that MyKey could be programmed to limit the speed their child could attain whilst on the road.  Out of the parents who said they would consider purchasing MyKey, around half of them said they would be more comfortable allowing their children access to the family car if the system was fitted into it.

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