Top tips on finding discount car insurance: pick the right car

One of the best ways to find discount car insurance in the current economy while buying a new car is to not only compare sticker prices, fuel economy, and safety features, but also compare car insurance quotes, experts say.

Car insurance rates can vary due to several different factors.  One such variable is the relative safety of the car in question, as safety features on new and previously-owned vehicles will be reflected in a premium price, as will a vehicle’s crash test results and safety records.

Safer vehicles will be considered less likely by car insurance companies to be the cause of a serious injury in an accident, which means insurers are less likely to have to pay out on an insurance claim due to the car.  Vehicles that will result in less bodily injury due to air bags or other passenger restraints, or vehicles that are less likely to be in an accident due to anti-lock brakes, will be less expensive to insure than a car without these features.

Safety features are of course quite often on the mind of consumers when considering a new car purchase.  However, not as many may realise how much difference a safer car can play in more affordable car insurance; looking for cars with top safety ratings is thus doubly beneficial.

Another factor is how likely a car is to be stolen.  Some vehicles are just more susceptible to theft than others, as flashier cars are a more visible target for car thieves due to the high resale value of their component parts on the black market.  Car models that have been found to be the favourites of thieves will be more expensive to secure cover for, because insurers know they have a higher likelihood on having to compensate their owners if a theft does occur.

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