Young drivers pick up bad habits from parents, says AXA

Young drivers may pick up bad habits from their parents, says one discount car insurance provider in a recent research study.

AXA Car Insurance has published its research findings, revealing that the likelihood of drivers between the ages of 18 and 30 years either receiving points on their licence or being banned from driving outright is three times higher if their mothers or fathers  have been subjected to either of those penalties in the past.  The motor car insurance provider also discovered that younger motorists that have seen their parents consuming alcoholic drinks before stepping behind the wheel are seven times more likely to take part in drink driving themselves.

AXA Car Insurance also found that those who have seen either of their parents drive in an aggressive manner are 50 per cent more likely to also be overly aggressive whilst on the road.  For the purposes of the survey, ‘aggressive behaviour’ was defined as overly flashing headlights, beeping car horns in aggressive manners, and actively swearing at other users of the road.

AXA Car Insurance’s chief claims officer, Robin Reames, remarked that a great many parents would be mortified to discover that their actions are having a negative impact on their children while they sit in the back seat. No one wants to encourage their children to act in such a way that could lead to tragic road traffic accidents, the direct car insurance’s chief claims officer also said.

Meanwhile, the Transport Select Committee of the House of Commons has recently put forward governmental proposals that would introduce a more stringent driving examination in order to promote understanding of the Highway Code and improve road safety.

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