MIB statistics of interest to car insurance comparison site

Statistics recently released by the Motor Insurance Bureau in regards to uninsured motoring in the UK have been of particular interest to one major car insurance comparison site in the UK.

According to online car insurance quote provider Tiger.co.uk, the new MIB report presents both good news and bad news for motor car insurance policyholders in the UK.

The good news, says the comparison site, is that the research indicates the number of uninsured vehicles on roads in the UK has dropped by a massive amount.  These figures have declined by 500,000 vehicles over the past five years, according to data from the Association of Chief Police Offices, as a result of greater coordination between the police, the MIB, and the DVLA.

Moreover, with the introduction of the new Continuous Insurance Enforcement legislation this past summer, which makes it compulsory to insure any vehicle that has not been officially declared as taken off the road regardless of it is being driven, is an additional step to further improve co-ordination.  The CIE measures are predicted to lead to even less uninsured vehicles being present on the nation’s roads, as not having at least discount car insurance can result in a car being seized or even destroyed.

However, the bad news is that the UK is still one of the worst offenders for uninsured driving in the entirety of Western Europe.  While a 25 per cent reduction in the amount of uninsured vehicles on UK roadways over the past half a decade is an excellent start, industry experts say, but the reality is that it’s just scratching the tip of the iceberg, as MIB estimations calculate that the entire amount of uninsured bikes, vans, and cars in the UK tops 1.4 million – about 4 per cent of the 34 million total vehicles in the country.

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