Car insurance comparison site says dogs listen to the radio

One leading car insurance comparison site has released a new report regarding car owners who take their dogs with them on motoring trips, saying that they seem to enjoy listening to the radio – or even listen to their owners’ off-key singing.

The online car insurance comparison website,, says that pet owners often turn on the radio to keep their pets amused on long journeys by car.  While some discount car insurance policyholders choose to sing directly to their captive four-legged audiences, many will simply turn on the radio, with Radio 1 being the most popular choice, followed closely by 5 Live and Radio 2.

The comparison site, which teamed up with the Dogs Trust charity, offered several words of wisdom to keeping pets safe and comfortable on long car journeys.  While 12 per cent of pet owners reported allowing their dog to pop his head out the window whilst en route, Dogs Trust said you should actually think twice about letting your canine companion do so.

Dogs Trust veterinary director, Paula Boyden, said that even though dogs may seem to enjoy hanging their heads out the window of a moving vehicle, there are dangers to doing so.  The best course of action is to keep noses, paws, and ears inside the vehicle at all times when it is in motion, Ms Boyden added.

One out of four pet owners reported that, as long as their pet was kept amused during the ride, their dogs (and even cats) seemed to enjoy the journey.  The top ways to keep pets happy on car trips were listed as taking along plenty of their toys and talking to them throughout the trip.

However, traveling with a pet is not without its dangers.  Nearly 10 per cent of motorists reported nearly getting into a traffic collision due to the behaviour of their pet.

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