Car insurance comparison site publishes list of cheap cars

As discount car insurance for young drivers gets more and more scarce, one car insurance comparison site has come forward to publish a list of cars that are generally less expensive to insure than others – especially for young motorists who may be struggling financially.

Car insurance rates are already considerably higher than average for younger motorists, but purchasing the wrong car can only make a bad situation worse, insurance experts say.  Whether you buy new or used, if your car has a large, powerful, performance-tuned engine, your rates are going to be higher than if you bought a little 1.1 litre banger.

Lucky for younger drivers, there are plenty of used cars that can be good options to consider, as they sit within lower car insurance groups.  Cars that are classified as ‘superminis,’ such as the Renault Clio Campus, Peugeot 106 Zest, Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta Studio, or Vauxhall Corsa, none of which have an engine larger than 1.25 litres, are all safe bets for insurance premium savings.

All the cars featured should be a safe bet for savings but there are a few things that are worth looking out for. Vauxhall Corsas in particular are both plentiful and affordably priced, meaning that it should be relatively easy to find one, but beware high mileage Corsas that may have been an ex-hire model.

The Renault Clio and Peugot 106 are both excellent budget choices, especially if you’re working with a budget of approximately £1,000.  However, be aware that insurers consider a Clio with alloy wheels to be a modification, which could raise your premium prices.


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