Insurance experts offer top tips on saving on car cover

In light of the struggle to find discount car insurance quotes in the current economic landscape, industry experts have come forward to offer their top tips on keeping down costs.

Insurance experts say to consider any car modifications you may be planning very carefully before going forward with your plans.  Car insurance companies are fickle when it comes to modifications, as they can raise your premiums if the modification makes your car a bigger target to vandals and thieves, while taking steps to increase the security of your car will quite often result in reductions to car insurance rates.

Insurance experts say that younger or less experienced motorists can lower their premiums by putting an older (and therefore considered safer) driver as an additional driver on the policy.  This differs significantly from the illegal practice of ‘fronting,’ where an older driver puts a car in their name as the primary driver but then lets their younger child drive it primarily; make sure you know the difference.

Experts also say that blindly accepting auto-renewal quotes is a bad idea.  Insurers quite often successfully gamble on the apathy and inertia of their customers to renew their insurance policies instead of shopping around, while savvy drivers will view their automatic renewal price quote to begin the process for looking for a better deal elsewhere.

However, those who do decide to jump ship for a different insurer after building up a significant no claims bonus should make sure that they can transfer the accumulated bonus to their new insurer.  Keep in mind that different insurers will not always offer the same exact bonus for the same amount of time spent without a claim, so even if you can keep your bonus, it may differ significantly from what you currently have.

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