Uninsured drivers plague Bradford and Birmingham

According to recently released research findings, uninsured drivers are plaguing both Birmingham and Brandford, which has been impeding progress towards the reduction of the number of drivers without at least discount car insurance in the UK.

The number of drivers without motor car insurance has gone down overall in the last five years.  However, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau has identified several trouble spots throughout the West Midlands and West Yorkshire where uninsured drivers are still a problem.

The MIB, which keeps records on all vehicles in the UK with proper direct car insurance, found that out of the 20 worst postcodes for driving illegally, 17 of them are located in the North West.  Within these trouble spots, the number of motorists lacking cover exceeds the national average by a factor of seven.

The annual costs associated with uninsured drivers is estimated to be approximately £500 million, according to official figures.  This adds an additional £30 to the premium price of every UK motorist’s insurance policy to recover these costs, which are paid directly by the insurance industry.

MIB chief executive, Ashton West, said that uninsured driving cannot be permitted to continue, as this causes honest motorists to keep footing the bill for the damage to property and injuries sustained by people.  However, the report has proven to be advantageous to law enforcement personnel, according to chief constable Phil Gormley, a leading road police officer, as it highlights danger spots for illegal motoring.

Good progress is being made to apprehend those driving without proper insurance, said Mr Gormley.  There are 500,000 less uninsured vehicles on the UK’s roadways than there were just five years ago, he added.

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