Don’t be caught out due to motor car insurance clerical error

With delays on errors renewing even discount car insurance quotes leading to a driver’s exclusion from the national Motor Insurance Database, a new initiative has emerged to allow drivers to check the status of their MID listing.

If a motorist’s car is listed as not having proper motor car insurance cover, it can be seized and even destroyed by the police due to new laws enacted over the summer.  However, through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s new askMID website, drivers can quickly and easily check to see if their car is listed as properly insured or not.

Cross-checked against the database of the DVLA to identify any vehicles that may not have proper insurance, the AskMID service is provided free of charge to UK drivers.  However, recent research from the AA has revealed that 93 per cent of motorists have not verified their own vehicles through the free service.

National awareness for the new AskMID website seems to be quite low, the AA found, despite leaflets sent out with tax disc renewal reminders and a television advert campaign by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.  Only one out of every five AA/Populus survey respondents indicated that they knew of the AskMID service, while only 7 per cent have actually availed themselves of it.

However, simple delays or mistakes in car insurance renewal can lead to vehicles being listed incorrectly on the database or even being missed off completely.  This opens motorists to possibly being stopped by law enforcement officials, seizure of their vehicles, and worse, due to new Continuous Enforcement rules.

AA Insurance director, Simon Douglass, implored motorists to not be caught out due to a simple inaccuracy or a mistake, as the results could be costly indeed.

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