Online car insurance customers need to check fine print

According to a leading research firm, online car insurance customers need to check the fine print in order to ensure they’re getting the level of cover they need for a new vehicle.

Almost nine out of every ten motorists in the UK are comfortable with purchasing discount car insurance online, says research firm Defaqto.  However, drivers that do so need to be careful that the conditions of the cover are appropriate to their vehicle.

Defaqto says that one this is an especially important step in light of standard cover will vary across the market for new cars, especially if purchased online.  With some car insurance companies, it can be anywhere between 12 and 24 months for such a provision, while damage thresholds required for the replacement of a new car can also differ quite greatly.

General insurance insight analyst for the research firm, Mike Powell, remarked that any motorist who finds himself or herself lucky enough to be purchasing a new vehicle should be cognisant of the level of cover their current insurer – or any insurer they are thinking of switching to – would provide in the event that their care were to be written off if involved in an accident or even stolen outright.

While the majority of comprehensive car insurance covers will provide for a full replacement of a new car in circumstances such as those, Mr Powell cautioned that the level of provided cover, and the applied criteria, can vary between any two given policies.  The insight analyst also said that while it is rare, a handful of insurance policies neglect to offer any cover for the replacement of a new car if totaled or stolen, and even more may not provide insurance cover to vehicles that have been newly imported.

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