72% of UK motorists would take course to avoid penalty

According to research from one leading car insurance comparison site, nearly three out of every four UK motorists would be willing to take the National Speed Awareness Course if they were caught speeding in an attempt to avoid points on their license.

With speeding convictions carrying heavy penalties such as a 17 per cent increase to the average car insurance rate, the research study conducted by discount car insurance comparison site Moneysupermarket.com found that more and more drivers have opted to take  National Speed Awareness course where available in an effort to avoid the three penalty points on their license and having to pay the £60 fine.  The online car insurance comparison tool found that, at 72 per cent of respondents, more than 26 million UK drivers would be ready and willing to take the course if they were found to be speeding and given the option to do so, while only 16 per cent would accept their fate.

At 53 per cent, more than half of respondents claimed they would take advantage of the course with the specific goal of keeping their insurance premium prices down, while an additional 14 per cent said they would do so in order to gain new knowledge.  However, those who said they would just accept the fine and the penalty points said they would choose to do so in order to resolve the situation in the most swift manner.

The comparison site’s car insurance expert, Pete Harrison, said that the National Speed Awareness Course is a way for motorists to once more familiarise themselves with the consequences and the dangers involved in speeding.  For those drivers who attend the course, they can avoid the £60 fine and three penalty points for a first offence or if it’s been three years since the last time they took the course.

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