Car insurance rates rise by 40 per cent last year

Car insurance rates rose by 40 per cent in 2010, which pushed average premiums to £695, according to a recent Motor Car Insurance Index.

However, some regions have been hit harder than others.  Cheap car insurance for those living in Bradford has been nearly nonexistent, as premium prices are going up by twice the national average.

Younger drivers have been hit especially hard by the recent insurance price hikes.  Many industry experts have begun to call the younger crowd an ‘uninsurable generation’ as a result.

This past January, one teenage driver had been given a price quote of £26,000 in order to secure insurance cover for his first car.  Since then,  even more eye-watering price quotes were offered to other Bradford residents.

As a result, Bradford East MP, David Ward, launched a local campaign for discount car insurance.  The campaign began with a large-scale survey of local Bradford residents, and has since received more than 2,000 responses from a wide range of respondents.

Even the most responsible and experienced of drivers are re-thinking whether they can afford to keep their cars, as premiums within Bradford reach unprecedented heights.

Me Ward’s office also invited its survey respondents to a Bradford-based summit in order to not only report back but to give respondents but to give them the ability to question police and motor insurance industry officials.

Next steps for the Bradford East MP include intentions to work with others within Parliament in order to enact much needed legislation.  Mr Ward remains committed to developing a local strategy specifically tailored for Bradford instead of merely adapting work from other regions.

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