Grampian Police target those without discount car insurance

Police in Grampian recently went on the lookout for drivers that did not have at least discount car insurance on their vehicles and were instead driving whilst uninsured, one official spokesman said.

The police spokesman stated that motorists caught out without motor car insurance faced having their cars seized until they can provide proof of proper cover.  Drivers not only had to pay the costs associated with seizing and storing the vehicle, the spokesman added, but also six penalty points and a fixed fine of £200.

Grampian Police’s head of road policing, Chief Inspector Ian Wallace, remarked that it was a requirement to pay every single one of these charges in full at the time of collection.  The Chief Inspector stressed that any motorists caught without cover also would have needed to provide proof of cover from one of the many car insurance companies in the UK.

Those who neglected to reclaim their vehicle within seven days of its seizure faced the possibility of their car either being sold or even scrapped completely.  Considering that car insurance was one of the most important things to secure before getting behind the wheel of a car, Mr Wallace said that motorists who drive without insurance are a significant menace on the nation’s roads.

The chief inspector added that motor insurance is there in order to provide protection to everyone.  There are significant difficulties that can come up in the wake of a collision and a possible road accident claim against uninsured drivers, he also said.

Thankfully, new technological advances, hand in hand with the Motor Insurance Bureau being in contact with police authorities around the clock, make it exceedingly hard for insurance dodgers to hide.

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