6% of UK drivers agree to take on another’s licence points

6 per cent of UK motor car insurance policy holders have expressed their willingness to take the fall for another’s penalty, according to recently released research findings from LV=.

More than 3.8 million UK licence holders currently have penalty points.  82 per cent of that figure received the points for speeding, and drivers that are convicted of speeding are assigned anywhere from three points to 12 – and once they amass 12 points they could be banned from getting behind the wheel at all.

However, one out of every twenty motorists said that they are prepared to lie and take penalty points that were meant for relatives or good friends.  66 per cent of these say they would take on the points to prevent a friend from becoming disqualified, while more than half admitted being willing to do it to protect the livelihood of a friend, as getting their licence taken away would lead to the loss of their jobs.

A full 6 per cent of those who admitted to taking on penalty points that were not theirs were paid to do so, the discount car insurance survey said.  Around 300,000 motorists have lied since 2001, stating that they were driving the car of a partner or a friend when they were caught speeding in order to take on penalty points.

The insurer’s research revealed that motorists who are willing to take on the penalty points left for someone else are not seeing their actions as severely as they truly are.  Even though taking on penalty points from other drivers is illegal, 4 per cent of survey respondents thought it was, while 12 per cent felt that handing out penalty points for speeding is too harsh.


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