Students urged to check their motor car insurance options

One car insurance comparison site recently recommended cash strapped students should examine their motor car insurance options as they prepare to start university.

With university fees and associated costs rising on a yearly basis, and the debt of an average graduate working out to be an eye-watering £20,000, never has it been more important for students to shop around for not only discount car insurance but for everything else they will need.   All students would benefit from contents insurance, and industry experts say that parents should examine their home insurance policies to see if their cover will extend to their children to avoid having to pay out on separate cover to protect expensive items such as TVs or PCs.

Some insurance providers do extend an equal level of cover provided to a parent to their children at no additional cost if they go away to university, recent research shows.  Students who are preparing for the beginning of university may be less concerned with their insurance cover than they are on the fun of fresher’s week, an insurance expert said, but they need to keep in mind that they are a prime target for burglary and theft.

Belongings such as mobile phones, laptops, and iPods need to be protected the expert added, so these students need to be sure to take out enough insurance to cover their electronics properly.  One of the best ways to bring down the cost of this important cover is for parents to add students to their home contents policy, though this means that any claims made by their children will influence the parents’ claims history, which could result in increased premiums at their next renewal – and a loss of their no claims discount.

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