50% of motor car insurance policyholders consider fronting

More than 50 per cent of motor car insurance policyholders have considered fronting as a way to get discount car insurance for young drivers despite its illegality according to the Association of British Insurers.

Fronting, which is the practice of deceiving car insurance companies by insuring a young driver’s vehicle and listing an older motorist, such as their mother or father, as the primary driver, is considered fraud by the insurance industry.  However, recent research by one car insurance comparison site found that Brits express confusion on the legality of the practice.

The comparison site recently discovered that 10 per cent of UK families with vehicles had engaged in fronting.  Moreover, 20 per cent of motorists were operating under the incorrect assumption that fronting was completely legal.

One insurance expert remarked that, with annual premium prices for an 18 year old driver more than £1,250, motoring has become exceedingly expensive for younger drivers.  It’s no surprise that some drivers consider fronting as a way to cut down their motoring costs in light of these high premium prices, the expert added, but as the risk of being caught red-handed and ending up with your insurance invalidated are clearly worse, he called fronting a false economy.

Insurance insiders actually recommend that the younger motorist should be listed as the main driver of the vehicle while adding the older driver as an additional one.  This can actually result in the insurance cover being less expensive overall, and will additionally allow younger drivers to lower their future premiums by building up their own no claims bonus.

The ABI found that fronting was just one of a handful of strategies employed by drivers attempting to cut corners.  The Association’s research also discovered that more than half of motorists would also consider being fast and loose with the truth in regards to how long it had been since their last claim.

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